Farr Yacht Design
Design #90 - 68'6" (20.9m) Ocean Racing Sloop

From our 1982 catalogue

Apart from the obvious requirements of strength, stability and safety, the basic performance design brief for CERAMCO NEW ZEALAND was to produce a yacht within a reasonable budget that could take line honors in the Southern Ocean legs of the 1981-82 Whitbread Round the World Race. It also had to have a chance on handicap in those legs and in the race overall.

In the case of CERAMCO NEW ZEALAND we opted for a boat designed primarily for speed, but with removal of any obvious rating penalty features where the effect on performance would be virtually unmeasurable but the effect on rating considerable.

Theoretically, the longer a yacht is the faster it is. This would normally be true in Round the Buoys or short ocean races where nearly unlimited crew power is available.

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Design 90 CERAMCO

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