Farr Yacht Design

Design #277 - Farr IMS 40

requirements.  The accommodations reflect a functional, lightweight interior.  The deck layout is practical, promoting efficient crew movement and positioning as developed from years of experience maximizing IOR crew performance.

With its generous fractionally rigged sailplan and very low center of gravity, the Farr IMS 40 offers great all round performance, especially reaching and downwind, but also with strong upwind capabilities in all conditions.

The keel and rudder are products of current research and development studies constantly underway by the designers at Farr Yacht Design.  The deep rudder has a refined shape with high lift and low drag.  Keel options can accommodate a variety of geographic conditions and preferences for racing or cruising.  Each centers weight low enhancing the high positive stability of the boat and its powerful upwind performance.

Engineering details include Kevlar and S-glass sandwiched over PVC foam cores bonded with epoxy resin maximizing stiffness to weight in relation to IMS material restrictions.  Kevlar was chosen for its high tensile strength, and S-glass for its ability to withstand compression loads. Epoxy resin gives superior strength, secondary bonding, and low water absorption properties. These materials are strong, very durable and light.  Construction is plan approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

The Farr IMS 40 is one example in a range of IMS designs developed by Farr Yacht Design.  These yachts offer the versatility to suit the requirements of owners whether they choose to focus on racing with the opportunity to cruise comfortably, or cruising with the opportunity to race competitively.