Farr Yacht Design
Design #299 Mumm 36

April 1993

Farr International, Inc. recognized strong demand in the marketplace for a 36-foot IMS racer and in a collaborative effort with boat builder Carroll Marine, Ltd. took the initiative to commission Farr Yacht Design, Ltd. for a design.

Aimed for the new IMS Racing Division in accordance with the Offshore Racing Council's 1993 IMS regulations, the Farr IMS 36 will be a highly competitive boat configured for round the buoys and offshore racing with wide appeal due to its size and reasonable cost. This design provides the grand-prix racing owner with the competitive edge to win at the highest level of yacht racing, and the recreational competitor a highly economic performance package to win at local events racing under a variety of handicapping systems including PHRF and CHS in addition to IMS.

The Farr IMS 36 will have a target 1992 GPH rating of 606

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Design 299

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