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Design #320 Farr 60 Pilot House

Boat Sales International

Designed in 1995 and the premiere design in the Farr Pilot House Range, the Farr 60 Pilot House turned many heads when launched at the Southampton Boat Show in the same year.

She is the epitome of what a modern cruising yacht should be:

The wide beam carried a long way aft allows such expanse below that you will only find on most yachts of 70 feet or over. This enables the interior to give total comfort even during the most arduous passages.

With all the sail systems controlled from the safety of the cockpit she is as easy to sail with just a couple on board as she is when fully crewed and partaking in a regatta in one of the more desirable yachting locations around the world.

The ability to cover good distances

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Design 320 Farr 60 PH