Farr Yacht Design


Design #321 Farr IMS 31

"racy" cabin and slightly longer cockpit, providing a better racing platform for this high performance yacht.

The deck layout is an evolution of the Mumm 36's cockpit, benefiting fromintensive racing experience aboard the 36's. The wide, open cockpit allows the helmsman and mainsail trimmer to sit well outboard for an improved view of the sails and seas, and to ensure that their weight is utilized to increase upwind stability. Crew maneuvers also benefit from the large cockpit, as the crew have the room required to perform their jobs efficiently.

A simple, double swept-spreader fractional rig, reduces the dependency on runners to support the rig, with little sacrifice of rig control. This configuration will deliver the high performance required on the race course, or allow a more casual level of sailing for less experienced sailors.

The interior arrangement meets the 1994 IMS Racing Division regulations, with a separate head compartment forward, galley and chart table/ice chest adjacent to the mast, and four (possibly six) berths positioned amidships. An inboard diesel engine is easily accessed under the cockpit, just aft of the companionway ladder.

Keel and rudder foils are deep, highly refined shapes optimized in accordance with Farr Yacht Design extensive tank testing, and latest research. The keel features a flat bottomed triangular bulb, seen on many successful Farr designs world-wide.

A Farr 31 has already proven her racing prowess, placing third overall in the prestigious Kodak Asia Pacific Series, which is sailed in conjunction with the Southern Cross Cup. This regatta attracts the highest level of competition in the southern hemisphere, and features the famous Sydney-Hobart race as the final event. The 1993 Sydney-Hobart race will long be remembered for its severe weather conditions, with only 37 yachts of the 105 original starters completing the race. Toxic Waste the first Farr 31 (Design 297) to be launched, retired from the Sydney-Hobart race only after they watched the fleet of much larger yachts around them

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