Farr Yacht Design
Design #323 ILC Maxi

October 1995

With the Offshore Racing Council's formation of the IMS based ILC MAXI level rating class and the Transpac Yacht Club's announcement that it would use the ILC Maxi as the big boat limit for the 1995 Transpac Race, it was logical that California owner Larry Ellison and his representative David Thomson would commission the design for SAYONARA to sail in the Transpac Race, San Francisco Big Boat Series, and other ILC Maxi events.

The requirements for Transpac, a reach and run type race, are quite different from typical round-the-buoys racing, and it was a real challenge to produce a single boat that could do well under both formats.

To meet this challenge, SAYONARA has a hull design a little narrower than might be expected for round-the-buoys sailing and is long by ILC MAXI standards to suit the heavy air San Francisco conditions and the moderate air reaching and

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Design 323 SAYONARA

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