Farr Yacht Design
Design #328 - IMS 47

August 1994

Design 328 is a third generation 47 foot IMS racing yacht optimized for IMS fleet racing, but also capable of racing in ILC 46 events. This design combines lighter displacement than her predecessors, a generous sailplan and high stability to deliver exceptional all-around performance.

The hull shape and appendages have been refined as we constantly analyze the performance of our large fleet of IMS designs and Design 328 reflects the Farr concept of a very high performance yacht that will bring home the trophies. The keel is built with a removable "tip" that is necessary to reduce the height of the yacht for shipping and also allows easy fitting of a keel tip that is suitable for ILC 46 racing.

Carbon fiber construction has been chosen for its exceptional light weight and stiffness that should

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Design 328

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