Farr Yacht Design


Design #336 Farr IMS 39

The interior exceeds minimum IMS requirements for reasonable comfort and cruising capability and can be expanded for those requiring more emphasis on cruising.

A generous sail plan and long sailing length offer exhilarating performance planing and surfing, reaching and running. High sail area relative to displacement and wetted surface area are the key elements for the Farr 39's exceptional downwind and light airs performance.

The deep bulb keel and deep rudder offer exceptional stability with excellent upwind speed in a wide range of conditions. Featuring an aluminum fractional three spreader rig, the Farr 39 may be upgraded with a carbon mast to optimize performance for different types of racing. A choice of large or standard spinnakers is also available to optimize for various race conditions. The high quality construction is comprised of a sophisticated glass epoxy foam sandwich , vacuum bagged and heat cured in female tooling.