Farr Yacht Design


Design #369 Farr 45

Hull shape is the latest development of our IMS shapes with near upright stem, fine forward sections for upwind work in choppy water and clean sections aft for high speed running. Displacement, at approximately 1 1/2 tons less than our ILC 46 design, has been set to give the boat realistic sail carrying capacity at upper wind strengths, while maintaining startling sail area/wetter surface and displacement ratios for light air and downwind sizzle.

The rig of the Farr 45 uses the benefits available in carbon spar manufacturing technology. The mast has swept spreaders, no runners or jumpers and a stiffened section through the topmast area allowing very effective rig adjustments to be made through a wide range of wind strengths by backstay adjustment. Headsails overlap is limited to 105% but sail area is generous enough to give the boat exceptional light air performance. Spinnakers have been sized to give the thrill seekers everything they need. Estimated IMS GPH is 529.5.

The keel fin has a cast iron top half, lead bottom half and lead bulb to give the boat a low center of gravity and adequate stability to support the rig in higher wind strengths. The rudder is a relatively high aspect ratio with enough area and wheel steering to give the boat the control and comfort expected in a boat this size.

Hull laminates are Kevlar reinforced on a new lightweight foam core that should eliminate the horrors of blistering associated with the cross linked PVCs. Deck layout has many of the new and well tested systems for our MUMM 30 project including a single jib track with inhaul adjustment. The interior is set out for racing but has an enclosed head, separate navigation station and functional galley and icebox for a reasonable level of comfort and utility.