Farr Yacht Design


Design #373 Farr 50 Pilot House

from the deck only. Thus your living accommodation is protected from dinghies, sails and the multitude of gear that, in other yachts, are trailed through the saloon and stowed in the forecabin. For security and safety the forward sail locker is totally watertight and separate from the forward cabin.

Unquestionably, the defining feature of any of the Farr 50 is the pilot house which provides panoramic views, whilst seated or standing, throughout the saloon. This provides the perfect combination of cosy ´living-room´ comfort with airy spaciousness. As well as featuring an interior steering position and comprehensive navigation area, the saloon´s seating areas will easily accommodate your guests. And, by keeping the accommodation close to the centre of the yacht, the motion at sea is minimised.