Farr Yacht Design
Design #418 IMS 45

BIG APPLE III has the rig concept of the Corel 45 (Design #369) with a hull that is more characteristic of our IMS 49s. Relative to the Corel 45, BIG APPLE III is the same LOA, same displacement, 44cm shorter on the waterline, 6cm narrower on the waterline and has 5% less sail area. Sailing stability is similar to the Corel 45.

BIG APPLE III was specifically designed for the Kenwood Cup which means moderate to strong winds and waves. The hull shape is highly IMS optimized with some emphasis on all-around performance (upwind, reaching, running) versus just upwind and downwind. The appendages are high aspect ratio fins incorporating our latest proprietary laminar flow foil section. The keel does not have a bulb.





D. 418 IMS 45

Deck  Interior  Sailplan