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Design #428 IMS 49

Design 428 is a sixth generation IMS 49 design and is a development of the highly successful BEAU GESTE (Design #420), FLASH GORDON 3 (Design #416) and BREEZE (Design #415) designs. Design 428 is another BRAVA Q8 for longtime Farr client Pasquale Landolfi. In 1999 she competed in the Admiral’s Cup and the inaugural IMS World Championships. In subsequent years she has competed in the 49’ class in Europe and the United States. The boat can be easily optimized for the wide range of expected conditions by changing the stern overhang and the weight of the keel.

The hull shape shows the most significant departure from the previous designs. The particular characteristics of volume distribution favored by the formulas in the IMS rule are still incorporated but overall the hull appears sleeker with less distortion.


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D. 428 IMS 49

Deck  Interior  Sailplan