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Design #444 Farr 52 One Design

Among the Pandemonium of Rating Systems, Rules and politics of racing sailboats there is some solace in the notion that there still exists the opportunity to produce a boat that is just plain quick for its size and a joy to sail. It is even more satisfying to find that a high performance boat will be competitive on corrected time with those choosing to be thoroughly optimized to a rule. Design 444, our new 52ft LOA One Design, follows the trend set by the very successful FARR 40 OD, a thoroughly fast boat for its size and a proven threat under both IMS and IRC rating systems.

The Farr 52 OD is a moderate to light displacement (DLR 96), powerful boat with a low center of gravity, a generous sail plan and up to the minute appendage design - all the ingredients necessary for some stimulating action on the water. For example, with the masthead spinnaker

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D. 444 Farr 52

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