Farr Yacht Design
Design #446 First 36.7

In May 1999, Beneteau France and our office began collaboration on a new design to fit into the busy market at the popular size of the mid 30's. To be successful in this highly competitive market area it is essential to arrive at a carefully orchestrated balance of the popular "wants" in a boat of this size. Having succeeded at striking a successful balance for the First 40.7 project (Design # 354), the design team used that project and lessons learned there as a basis for the First 36.7.

The 36.7 is a little heavier for its length than the 40.7, but has generous sail area to give it good light air performance. The hull shape is IMS - friendly (not IMS optimized) while still providing the interior volume to accommodate a fairly demanding set of interior requirements (3 cabins) for a boat in this size range. Appendages are state of the art shapes with generous rudder area to provide excellent control in all conditions. Performance under sail should

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Photo courtesy of Beneteau France

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