Farr Yacht Design
Design #488 IMS 51

FRAM XV, a 51 foot IMS design, is the newest in the long line of Farr-designed yachts for HRH King Harald of Norway. Another yacht of the same design was completed for current 2000 IMS and Mumm 30 World Champion, Vincenzo Onorato and is named MASCALZONE LATINO.

This design is a development of 2000 Copa del Rey winner BRIBON (D. 467). The BRIBON design exhibits significant advances in hull shape, rig configuration and appendages and won over 50% of its individual races in 2000. We have drawn on our unmatched level of experience in Volvo 60 and America’s Cup hull research to refine the hull shape for the new IMS 50. Working closely with the owners we have created a design that meets their requirements for a racing boat that will excel in open IMS racing and also fall within the limits of the IMS 50 class. The rig, deck and interior arrangements have been reassessed as a result of changes to the IMS rule for 2001. The deck and interior are adaptations

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D. 488 IMS 51

Deck  Interior  Sailplan