Farr Yacht Design
Design #490 IMS 70 C/R

The design brief for Design 490 defines a boat that is a successful racing yacht under the IMS with the amenities and ease of handling for cruising with limited crew. The rig is especially flexible and can change configurations from a racing rig with overlapping headsails and running backstays to a cruising rig with non-overlapping headsails and a single topmast backstay. The spreaders are swept for ease of handling and safety while cruising. There is generous sail area for good light wind performance accompanied by the appropriate corresponding stability to give the boat a splendid upwind performance in moderate and strong winds.

The boat is designed with a master stateroom aft, crew berthing forward and a comfortable saloon for dining and entertaining. The design makes allowance for a moderate level of outfitting including a generator but requires careful attention to building quality to keep joinery weight to a reasonable minimum.


Image courtesy of Alastair Abrehart

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