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Design #533 Transpac 52

Makoto Uematsu requested Farr Yacht Design create the best Transpac 52 to compete in a broad mix of venues including both course and distance races. Design 533 is our answer to the design brief. Within the bounds of the otherwise tightly controlled Transpac 52 rule there is some room to set the balance between upwind and downwind performance. Displacement and VCG are limits set by the Transpac 52 rule so we were left to choose the optimum beam to draft ratio to produce optimum upwind and reaching power versus downwind slipperiness. While the overall length of the boat is set by rule we were free to optimize the waterline length and shape details to best suit the boat's expected race schedule.

To determine the optimum hull characteristics FYD conducted a research program employing a combination of VPP studies and computational fluid dynamics experiments. We developed a series of candidate designs to

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Transpac 52

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