Farr Yacht Design
Design #591 30m High Performance Ocean Racing Yacht

Mike Slade’s Leopard3, launched in spring 2007, was a new concept from Farr Yacht Design designed to address the demanding requirements of combining a luxurious, signature charter yacht with a level of performance capable of contending for passage records and battling on the super maxi circuit. Her relatively wide, powerful hull – a successor to FYD’s Open 60, Volvo 70 and Cookson 50 designs – provides the platform for exceptional speed, the volume for remarkable accommodations and is a notable departure from the current fleet of extremely narrow boats. The wider hull is especially suited for high-speed sailing offshore and is enhanced by the presence of a chine that improves water flow off the hull and reduces structural weight.

The sleek, powerful hull is matched to a set of efficient underwater foils including a canting keel, twin asymmetric lifting canards forward and a single rudder on centerline

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D. 591 LEOPARD 3

Photo credit: OnEdition

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