Farr Yacht Design

Design #603 Open 60

a single-handed round-the-world event starting in November 2008.

PAPREC-VIRBAC is a more powerful boat than our first generation Open 60 design and has generous sail area. Twin canards and twin rudders have become standard fare on these ocean racers that are achieving very impressive speeds in single-handed and short-handed racing. At the launch, the boat exposed trim tabs over the aft meter of hull surface, which represent an innovative advance for these beamy, light displacement powerful boats. Built by Southern Ocean Marine, the boat has other innovative features that must remain confidential for the time being.

"The tabs will enable the crew to adjust fore and aft boat trim to optimize performance in varying wind and sea conditions and will be a powerful tool for keeping the boat tracking at high speeds", said Jim Schmicker, Senior Naval Architect at FYD. "Trim tabs should work well on the wide transom of the Open 60. Trim tabs are not new to sailing but PAPREC-VIRBAC's tabs have unique features that make them particularly useful to the single-handed sailor trying to maintain control in difficult conditions", said Jim.

Farr Yacht Design has several more Open 60's due to be launched this year and look forward to seeing their designs compete in many events for this exciting and pioneering class.

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