Farr Yacht Design

Design #622 First 35

speed. A lead bulb, with reduced wetted surface area, is offered as an option for a racing upgrade to replace the standard cast iron bulb.  The bulb shaping features a chine on the lower aft corners which further lowers the center of gravity and improves the efficiency of the keel by increasing its effective span.  The rudder blade has a moderate aspect ratio and forgiving foil section shapes which will provide excellent control and maneuverability in all conditions.

The layout of the deck and cockpit strikes a balance between the dual requirements of competitive boat handling with an ergonomic and spacious cockpit for round the buoys maneuvers, and comfort and versatility while cruising or at anchor. All sail handling lines are led aft to the cockpit for efficiency and safety.  The single wheel and wide aft cockpit area gives the helmsman good position and visibility, provides an expansive area for sun bathing and offers easy passage and transom access.  The forward cockpit area has been optimized for both boat handling and comfort with ample seating room and gear stowage with versatile, removable seat lockers.

The BENETEAU First 35 is constructed from a production-friendly combination of E-glass reinforcements in a polyester resin.  The monolithic hull is hand-laminated using chopped strand mat and woven rovings.  Structural hull bottom and keel support comes from a one-piece molded liner consisting of unidirectional and biaxial reinforcements, while the hull topsides are stiffened with a single longitudinal stringer. The balsa-cored deck and structural headliner, both laminated from unidirectional and multi-axial reinforcements, are vacuum-infused together in a closed mould.  This process achieves a uniform distribution of resin throughout the laminate, and yields a clean, finished surface on both the outside and inside skins.

Design 622 will fulfill the club racer’s desire for a versatile and competitive cruiser/racer at a popular size and price.