Farr Yacht Design
Design #691 Southern Wind 102

The Southern Wind 102 is the latest collaboration between Farr Yacht Design, Southern Wind Shipyard and Nauta Design.  After the stunning success of the Southern Wind 100, twelve yachts built in six years, the SW 102 is the advancement of that concept to a slightly longer LOA, a significantly longer waterline and a larger sailplan to provide excellent light wind performance.  The interior layout is similar to the SW 100, Design 542, with increased volume in critical areas due to the longer length and increased beam.

The new hull for the SW 102 shows the Farr pedigree in its more aggressive bow styling with nearly upright and narrow stem combined with the flying knuckle for good handling.  The topsides are generally straighter compared to the SW 100 and the stern has been widened to increase the heel sailing length and performance.  The hull style has much in common with the hull of the SW 110, a yacht that has proven to be especially responsive to the helm and a very satisfying yacht to steer


D. 615 SWS 110 RS

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