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Design #695 Bavaria Cruiser 45

After the completion of Bavaria’s flagship, the Cruiser 55, we were tasked as a team to produce a boat at the opposite end of the line which resulted in the Cruiser 32.  With the two ends of the Cruiser line established we created a third cornerstone design in the middle of the Cruiser line.  The result of that work is the Cruiser 45.  Bavaria now have; a true flagship, an entry level yacht, and an anchor in the middle of the line to clearly show the world the Cruiser line’s complete intent.
The middle of any line represents a unique challenge.  It needs to have the grace of a larger yacht, and the accessibility of a smaller yacht.  The boat is a platform that needs to be capable of being a charter boat workhorse, and also a stepping stone toward a real luxury owner’s yacht.
In our other Cruiser line work we have clearly established a new way to link the exterior living space with the water.  The enormous swimming platforms we have created elsewhere in the line obviously needed to be a focal point for this middle of the line boat.  That said, we still faced a question of whether this boat should be a twin rudder or single rudder boat.  In the end we chose the twin rudder approach.  This choice allowed us to create large central storage area beneath the cockpit and to give this boat the benefit of real controllability at high angles of heel. Both of these are features that an experienced owner stepping up through a line of boats will really appreciate in his or her next yacht.

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D. 695 Bavaria Cruiser 45

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