Farr Yacht Design

Design #720 Bavaria Cruiser 40

The Cruiser 40 has a simple, easy to handle rig that is focused on safe, fast and easy cruising.  The sailplan features a 106% non-overlapping furling jib for easy maneuvers and a large, powerful mainsail.   The jib tracks are located on the cabintop, so the side decks are open and clear of sheets.  The jib and mainsail provide plenty of power for light air sailing.  An optional spinnaker tacked to a retractable bow pole make downwind sailing easy and fast.   The mainsail is sheeted with a split bridle system, which when combined with the powerful boom vang, allows for easy mainsail control without a traveler.  Owners can choose to lead mainsheets to the aft optional aft winches to allow for easy control by the helmsman.  In-mast furling is also an option.

The hull and deck are both laminated using hand-laid E-Glass reinforcements in a polyester resin.  Multi-axial reinforcements are applied in high-stress areas, while a combination of coremat and PVC foam core is used where panel strength and stiffness are required without excessive weight and cost.

Below the waterline, the hull and keel are supported by a one-piece E-glass liner, which is bonded and taped in place and later post-cured with the hull.  Structural interior elements are used to support the hull above the waterline.  The deck is supported in a similar fashion – using a multi-part E-Glass grid to support hydro loads as well as hardware loads.

The hull, deck and internal structure are all designed in accordance with ISO 12215-5.