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Design #720M Bavaria Cruiser 40 Sport

Utilizing the principal Cruiser 40 concept, a sport package version was developed for the owner who desires competitive sailing coupled with amenities for family cruising.

When you have an existing platform you need to be very careful how you add performance. It is possible to float the boat too light, and add too much sail area, and to generally ruin a good boat’s characteristics. We needed to be responsible in order to maintain the goodness of the Cruiser 40, but to add performance, and do it in a cost effective way that could fit within the pricing, and assembly logic that has made Bavaria so successful.

We determined that an overall weight reduction targeted at 250kg was the maximum that the hull should be allowed to float up. This has been achieved by increasing the hull core thickness, and eliminating superfluous nonstructural interior components along with removal of a toilet, and the swim platform.



D. 720M Bavaria Cruiser 40 Sport

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