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June 12, 2007
Annapolis, MD - Farr Yacht Design (FYD) is proud to congratulate Vincent Riou, Sebastian Josse, and the rest of the PRB team on their fantastic victory in the 2007 Calais Round Britain Race.  PRB grabbed the race lead shortly after the start in dense fog and took the controlling position for good in the afternoon of day 3 of this 1850 mile non stop race around the British and Shetland Isles. 

Once establishing herself in command of the fleet PRB was able to post gains at each position report relative to her nearby competitors with consistently better boat speed.  Clean and smart tactics combined with her boat speed advantage allowed the team onboard PRB to add to their buffer with substantial gains as PRB reached race milestones before the chasing pack.  Although the 2007 Calais Race will be remembered as one of the slower versions of this race, PRB's victory is an impressive one when considering the large amount of experience in the fleet.  A welcome end to the race was a high speed sail across the channel which saw PRB break the existing Dover to Calais record.

Farr Yacht Design is also proud to congratulate Jeremie Beyou, Sydney Gavignet, and the rest of the Delta Dore team on their hard earned 2 nd place finish.  The Delta Dore team found themselves as low as 10 th position on the 2 nd day of the race as they fought through a difficult weather pattern early after the start.  Their steady comeback built on superior boat speed and decisive tactics allowed them to slowly pick away at the competitors between them and the race finish. 

This success for PRB design number 602, and for Delta Dore design number 609 is the first of what we hope will be many successful races for our new crop of IMOCA Open 60 designs which includes; Foncia (#602), Virbac- Paprec 2 (#603), and two other as of yet unnamed boats remaining to launch.  These boats are the product of an intense research and design effort undertaken by FYD in order to place rational analysis along side the many design choices available under the IMOCA 60 rule.  FYD's comprehensive design package includes a detailed engineering package, which is the ultimate complement to our top level naval architecture foundation.  The Farr Yacht Design service extends onto the water with an unparalleled level of support including our extensive "Performance Prediction and System usage guide" which clearly details optimum boat setup allowing our clients to achieve greater success.

Farr Yacht Design is the leading sailboat design firm with a continuous record of providing superior designs for racing and cruising customers worldwide.

For more information, please contact Farr Yacht Design, Ltd. at info@farrdesign.com or T. 410 267 0780.

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