Design No. 125 was designed as a fast, comfortable cruising yacht with strong emphasis on speed, but also consideration of the MORC Rule to produce a competitive rating without high displacement.


The hull features a long waterline length (within the 30 ft overall MORC limit), and a comparitively narrow beam. A high ballast ratio and low keel center of gravity combine to give a powerful but easily handled yacht. Sections are fuller forward than the Farr norm to carry the masthead rig. The choice of rig was dictated primarily by the MORC Rule which penalizes fractional rigs, but also gives fast downwind, light weather sailing.


The interior and deck arrangements were designed in collaboration with the original client, an architect, whose planning efforts have produced an interior with a surprising amount of accommodation for a 30 ft yacht.









9.132 m/30'0"

8.00 m/26'3"

2.87 m/9'5"

1.575 m/5'2"

2,305 Kg/5,082 Lbs

944 Kg/2,081 Lbs


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