Farr Yacht Design prides itself on offering our clients a comprehensive range of yacht design services. Whether your goal is to win the world's premier yacht races or to enjoy leisurely cruising with family and friends, we offer a wide range of services that can be customized to make your vision a reality.

Naval Architecture


Science and artistry are combined in the development of each of our designs to produce a complete package that meets our clients' objectives. Building on our extensive depth of experience and the latest advances in technology we combine highly refined hull shapes and optimized appendages with well proportioned sail plans to deliver well integrated designs that combine ease of handling with exceptional performance.

Structural Engineering


In the quest for strong, lightweight structures that can withstand the worst conditions the ocean has to offer we are continually improving our structural design methods and employ some of the latest design and analysis technologies. By completing the major structural engineering in-house we can tailor structural arrangements and details to suit the overall concept of the boat, maximizing the efficiency of the structure while minimizing weight. This also serves to avoid many interference problems that can have a sizeable impact on build time and costs.


Engineering is often tailored to suit their preferred materials and construction methods. This helps to both improve the build quality and efficiency and to insure that the as-built product properly represents the design. Should particular projects require it, Farr Yacht Design has extensive experience engineering yacht structures to comply with all manner of classification society and certification authority requirements.

Detail Design & Drafting


Critical to the successful completion of any product is the communication of our design intent and ideas to the builder and client.


To best facilitate this every Farr design package includes an extensive set of detailed design drawings that accurately reflect the as designed geometry. Over the years our drawings sets have been refined to maximize their utility for the builder and we take great pride in the quality and completeness of our drawing sets. Many builders indicate that our drawings are some of the most complete and accurate in the industry.


In addition to design drawings we supply additional information including very detailed weight calculations, assistance with deck hardware selection and specification and expected hardware and rigging loadings. Throughout the course of construction Farr designers and engineers are in discussion with the builders and available to interpret drawings or modify details as necessary. Construction inspection visits can also be arranged. Farr designs have been built by yards all over the world and we can build on many of these long standing relationships to help in streamlining the construction process.

Performance Prediction & Optimization


To evaluate and optimize candidate design options it is essential to be able to accurately predict their performance. Much of our performance prediction work is completed in-house using our proprietary Velocity Prediction Program (VPP). This program has been in continual development over the past 10 years and can accurately predict the performance of a wide array of sailing yacht types.


The internal formulations are custom developments that reflect an extensive array of FYD model test results and the extensive reporting features allow the production of detailed performance and sail usage guides.


Because we have access to all of the underlying VPP code and formulations we can rapidly add features or new formulations to better capture the physics and performance of a particular design types. Recent in-house modifications to the VPP allow us to efficiently incorporate data from tank test or computational results to develop design specific hydrodynamic models. Similarly, we have the capability to implement custom aerodynamic coefficients into the VPP, which can improve the performance predictions and allows us to efficiently incorporate results from wind-tunnel tests or other data sources.

Research & Development


Our team of research and design staff have been involved in a number of extensive research and development projects which have consistently produced exceptional designs with unrivaled performance records.


The team at Farr Yacht Design combines an unprecedented depth of yacht research experience with substantial internal research capabilities and state-of-the-art tools, all of which can be applied to improving our clients' designs. Where desirable we can augment our internal capabilities with external consultants and experimental facilities, many of which we have excellent working relationships.


Based on the client's resources and objectives we can tailor a research program to explore areas that are most likely to result in the largest performance gains. By tightly integrating the research phases with our design program we can efficiently evaluate concepts and incorporate the research results into the design. This helps to insure that all the implications of particular design concepts are properly considered.

Life Cycle Customer Support


Farr Yacht Design's involvement in a project does not end when drawings are issued to the builder. Throughout the building process we are in constant communication with the builders to interpret drawings and provide comprehensive rating and measurement support as part of our base design fees.


Throughout any design's life we are available to provide consulting services that can include re-engineering, the design of new appendages, performance optimization, handicap certificate reviews or anything else that might improve the performance of a design.

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