The Nauta 70 design was commissioned by Nauta Yachts of Italy to fulfill a desire in the Italian market for a luxurious 21 meter yacht capable of good performance club type racing with an upper rating limit of 60 ft IOR. The interior, deck and general styling of the boat has been cleverly composed by the Nauta design team who have intimate experience with this market and the capability to plan custom interiors to suit each individual clients desires. Nauta has produced boats to an exceptionally high standard of finish and is fast earning a reputation for excellence in the large cruiser-racer market.


NAUTA turned to Farr Yacht Design, Ltd. to provide the lines, sailplan, keel and rudder, construction design, measurement and performance predictions to complete this appealing package. The brief called for excellent performance under sail together with a good balance and "easy handling" characteristics. After a close study of construction weights and sailing performance the displacement was set at 28,500 Kg. Farr Yacht Design, Ltd gleaned from its depth of experience in developing the Whitbread Round the World Race maxis, and the latest Round the Buoys maxis, when creating the lines for Nauta 70.


The outstanding sailing qualities of the 85/86 Whitbread winner (UBS Switzerland) have not gone unnoticed in Europe, and many clients in this market request the same qualities in their cruising boats. With the lessons learned from the 85/86 Whitbread, and the research and development undertaken by Farr in recent years the office set about the task of establishing the most favorable combination of sail area, appendage and ballast placement. An upper limit of 60 ft IOR rating introduced some rule influenced shaping of the ends and midsection. This is not extreme and only provides a slight visual hint of pedigree for this design.


The primary aim was to provide good sailing characteristics, handsome lines and at the same time give favorable dimensions for rating purposes. In order to achieve the medium design displacement and the required ballast to displacement ration the hull and the deck construction will be executed in high tech composite material.








21.70 m/71'

17.50 m/57'5"

5.74 m/18'10"

3.20 m/10'6"

28,500 Kg/62,800 Lbs


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