The commission for LONE, a 3/4 Ton design, came to Farr Yacht Design in the fall of 1989 from Mr. Jan Bonde Nielson of London, England with an objective to win the 1990 3/4 Ton Worlds.


The Farr design team was able to draw from their previous experience in the One Ton, Fifty Foot and Maxi arenas, but also from feedback on their 1988 3/4 Ton design, APHRODITE, owned by Dr. Osamu Kanno. APHRODITE placed 1st in class and fleet in the 1988 Japan Cup and had a creditable 4th place finish at the 1989 3/4 Ton Worlds in a large and competitive fleet.


LONE is shorter length over all, lighter, narrower and has a deeper keel when compared to APHRODITE. LONE's sail plan reflects more rake aft in the mast and a general increase in sail area.


Considerable attention was paid to LONE's very efficient deck layout with only the bare necessities in deck gear for simplicity and weight savings. Further comparisons to APHRODITE reveal the elimination of two winches from the cabin top which was shortened allowing for an increase in deck and cockpit space. Halyards were led aft to either side of the cabin top instead of down the center line.


This design has proven to be a winner. Trialed in the Mediterranean in the spring of 1990, LONE had a fantastic win at Kiel Week, and went on to convincingly win the 1990 3/4 Ton Cup held at Flensburg, Germany with scores of 1-1-1-1-2 for a resounding 1st place victory.












9.82 m/32.22 ft

8.02 m/26.31 ft

3.25 m/10.66 ft

1.93 m/6.33 ft

3,212 Kg/7,083 Lbs

11.56 m/37.93 ft

3.35 m/10.99 ft

13.68 m/41.60 ft

4.85 m/15.91 ft


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