David Clarke of New Jersey approached us for a new One Ton IOR racing yacht design for competition in the 1991 One Ton Cup and Admiral's Cup regattas. For the design of VIBES we undertook a detailed review of the previous One Ton design from 1989. Changes were subsequently made to the hull, appendages, deck layout, sail plan, and structure.


The 1989 One Ton design, 223, was seen on the water as BLUE NOTE, the 1990 Japan Cup winner, and BRAVA and VENTO which sailed to second and third places respectively in their class at the 1990 Sardinia Cup. This design was optimized for slightly stronger winds than other boats as a development of the 1989 success JOINT VENTURE. Design 223 demonstrated well rounded performance with strengths upwind, downwind in heavy air, and reaching in all conditions. This new design, 253, is a development of that theme.


Comparing 253 to 223, Design 253 reveals a refined hull shape with finer bow sections, an increase in beam, and a decrease in LOA. Sail area and stability have been increased to create a more powerful boat, but the displacement remains similar.


Revised construction details allowed for the removal of some weight from the deck, hull, and structure without impinging upon stiffness requirements. The hull has been designed so that its strength is less reliant on secondary bonds making it capable of withstanding greater shock loads.


The keel and rudder have been developed substantially, both being of higher aspect ratio with new specially developed sections resulting in a significant reduction in drag.


The deck layout is substantially different from that of our previous One Tonners to improve handling efficiency. The main sheet traveler is now in line with the boom end, and runner winches are positioned behind the helmsman. As seen on Farr 50's and Two Tonners, we've added mainsheet winches for trimming ease, but winches specific to the halyards are gone. Using ideas successful on the Farr 3/4 Tonner LONE, halyards are run into false cabin sides, and the length of the cabintop is minimized to enlarge the cockpit as much as possible.


With three One Ton Cup winners in the last four years behind us, a wealth of experience gained, and research invested in level rating design work, we are confident that Design 253 will be a spectacular all round performer.













11.96 m/39.24 ft

9.78 m/32.09 ft

3.80 m/12.47 ft

2.30 m/7.55 ft

5,502 Kg/12,132 Lbs

14.00 m/45.93 ft

4.09 m/13.42 ft

15.40 m/50.53 ft

5.80 m/19.03 ft


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