Bruce Farr's overwhelming popularity through the 1970's and 80's has resulted in a well beaten path to his office door. The Farr office's order book for leading edge race boats and fast cruising yachts has been full continuously. Many a design brief has been compiled by a family in committee and interpreted into a fine cruising yacht.


Numerous requests were received during this period for a general purpose dinghy capable of being sailed by 1 to 3 adults or children, and easily towed as a tender. It also needed to be very easy to build as many clients tackled the building of the dinghy during the months that their cruising yacht was under construction.


The MOONMAN was designed to meet these requests, and has proved to be a noble addition to the Farr stable.




Mast Height:


3.05 m/10'0"

1.35 m/4'5"

4.95 m/16'3"


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