This new design for Ryouji Oda of Japan, is expected to be a faster all round performer than our previous 50 foot design. It is a significant and substantial development reflecting knowledge gained from our latest research and previous experience and feedback.


Design 260 has a higher sail area to wetted surface ratio and lower drag keel and rudder arrangements. She has significantly higher stability and lower displacement. The deeper keel will give a large performance improvement in stronger upwind conditions without any loss downwind, particularly as refinements in keel shape improve downwind speed.


Changes in the deck layout and geometry reflect efforts to improve crew work and efficiency. The cockpit is longer, opening up the cockpit space. The mainsheet traveler is moved aft in line with  the boom end, and the large diameter wheel is much further forward than is usual.


Construction details include use of prepreg intermediate modulus carbon fiber fabrics over nomex honeycomb cores for improved stiffness qualities without any increase in weight.


Advancements in hull, keel and rudder shape, and construction detailing have made possible the first complete and thorough overhaul of our theories in 50-footer design in two years.












15.08 m/49.48 ft

12.32 m/40.42 ft

4.56 m/14.96 ft

2.99 m/9.81 ft

11,570 Kg/25,512 Lbs

18.42 m/60.44 ft

5.31 m/17.42 ft

20.08 m/65.88 ft

7.42 m/24.35 ft


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