Following the string of victories produced by LONE (D. 229), champion of the 1990 3/4 Ton Cup, Farr Yacht Design was approached by two clients interested in a new 3/4 Ton design; George Andreadis of Athens, Greece aiming to win the 1991 3/4 Ton World Championship, and Mr. N. Numata of Tokyo who is looking forward to competing in many races including the 1991 Japan Cup.


Design of this latest 3/4 tonner required a substantially different approach in the construction engineering compared to LONE due to rule changes affecting boats built after January 1, 1990. The use of exotic materials was outlawed as a cost saving measure to encourage building in the smaller IOR classes rating less than 25 feet.


Laminates are now primarily made up of S-glass and Kevlar sandwiched over foam cores. We  believe through careful engineering and close attention to detail paid in the construction process, the weight of boats built to this design can be kept to a minimum close to the weight of LONE.


Advancements since the design of LONE are reflected in changes to the lines. Design 267 reflects a boat shallower in the aft quarter, and narrower forward of BMAX. These alterations should enhance upwind and downwind performance as emphasized in course racing these days.


The new rules also increased the maximum crew weight allowing up to eight people on the boat. This called for a revision of the deck layout and its geometry. The shape of the cockpit has been enlarged and the traveller is now aft of the helmsman in line with the boom-end. This new layout further opens up the cockpit and facilitates crew movement in race course action.


With all of the experience gained in years of producing top level-rating design work and following on the heels of the 1990 3/4 Ton Champion, LONE, this new Farr 3/4 Ton design should prove to be an excellent all round performer.












9.85 m/32.32 ft

8.02 m/26.31 ft

3.25 m/10.66 ft

1.92 m/6.30 ft

3,133 Kg/6,908 Lbs

11.60 m/38.06 ft

3.34 m/10.96 ft

12.68 m/41.60 ft

4.80 m/15.75 ft


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