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Design #297 - IMS 31

Racing Council's 1993 IMS regulations, the Farr IMS 31 has been targeted for the new IMS Racing Division for inshore and offshore competition, but it should be equally adept racing under a variety of handicapping rules including PHRF and CHS. Using the 1992 rating program currently available, the Farr IMS 31 will have a target GPH of 640-645 seconds/mile and the potential to beat many larger IMS racers boat for boat.

The deck layout is simple and efficient and features tiller steering for excellent response to the dinghy-style maneuverability of this design. There are two fractional sailplan and two interior arrangement options available.

One sailplan version features in-line spreaders with running backstays giving the opportunity to make fine-tuned adjustments to the sails and rigging for optimum performance on the race course. The other option is a swept spreader rig which is very stable and simplifies boat handling by eliminating the need for the operationally more complicated running backstays. The swept spreader rig plan can also receive additional handicap credits under the 1993 IMS.

The interior arrangements available include one version with the galley and navigation station positioned forward, adjacent to the mast with berths aft. The other version positions berths further forward with the galley and navigation station adjacent to the companionway. Both interiors reflect a comfortable but simple approach providing only those accommodations required to meet minimum IMS Racing Division regulations.

The keel and rudder foils are deep, highly refined shapes optimized in accordance with Farr Yacht Designs extensive tank testing and latest research. The keel features a flat bottomed triangular bulb.

Farr engineering produces an economical, light, rigid boat using E-glass laminates cored with PVC foam and other reasonably cost materials to provide an exceptional value and excellent handicap utilizing the 1993 IMS construction credits. Initial client specifications have called for series production construction details, but details for custom construction are also in the works.

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