Farr Yacht Design
Design #297 - IMS 31

June 1993

Popular regattas such as Key West Race Week indicated a growing interest in affordable, high quality race boats of about 30 feet length overall that could excel at the club level and then comfortably make the transition to the high caliber world of grand prix yacht racing. Recognizing this new demand Farr Yacht Design, Ltd have designed the Farr IMS 31. It is an affordable and tenacious high performance 31-footer, ideal for club level competition, and based upon the strong and internationally recognized IMS rule.

The Farr IMS 31 should prove to be very fast for its size given its long waterline length for length overall, light displacement, high stability and generous sail area. It is similar in concept to the Farr IMS 36 - both designs having been influenced by the success of the Farr IMS 40 (COOKSON'S HIGH 5, ASSASSIN) and Farr IMS 50 (MORNING MIST III, FULL CRY).

In accordance with the Offshore

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Design 297 Farr IMS 31