Farr Yacht Design
Design #333 - Farr IMS 34

July 1995

This latest edition to the Farr IMS family is intended to be a highly competitive, yet affordable, IMS racer. Lessons learned from our experience with her bigger sister, the Mumm 36, have enabled us to produce a very refined design with parameters that should ensure excellent all round sailing performance in various sea conditions.

The hull shape is a development of that shape seen leading most IMS fleets with the familiar near upright stem, sharp waterlines forward, and smooth mid-sections carried back to a powerful transom ... there's no denying this shape delivers outstanding performance. The keel and rudder designs reflect the latest Farr concepts for IMS yachts with deep, narrow foils using highly developed section shapes to provide remarkable windward performance without sacrificing superior downwind and reaching speed.

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Design 333

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