Farr Yacht Design


Design #344 ILC 40

and recently BRAVA Q8 winning the inaugural ILC Worlds with OMEN finishing third.

The particular example shown here is Mr. Makoto Uematsu's ESMERALDA, designed with a little more emphasis on light airs for USA conditions than those going to the Admiral's Cup, and built by Eric Goetz Custom Sailboats Inc. Carroll Marine Ltd. built PIGS IN SPACE and the German yacht OMEN and Cookson Boatbuilders Ltd. have built the Italian BRAVA Q8, ATALANTI IX for Greece plus another on the way for Japan. In Spain, Astilleros Espanoles have produced a new FRAM XII for King Harald of Norway.

The deck layout on the ILC 40 is a dream come true for the crew. An enormous cockpit allows for hardware to be spaced effectively for ease of maneuvering and boat handling. The deck layout may be tailored to suit the owner's/crew's particular needs and can easily accommodate different placement of control lines, genoa sheeting, and arrangement of winches, particularly the mainsheet and runner winch locations which can be interchanged.

The ILC 40 spars benefit from special sections developed by leading spar makers in conjunction with Farr Yacht Design. A large sailplan and full race, four-spreader rig are featured on the ILC 40 providing high efficiency and a high degree of tuning ability.

Below deck, the interior on the ILC 40 complies with minimum requirements of the IMS Racing Rules. The interior is very functional for racing conditions. There is no excess down below, only the bare essentials from the practical galley to centralized storage areas for gear.

Our ILC 40 rudder benefits from ongoing in-house foil design development process and our new generation of keel design has been refined and improvements made to the volume distributions of fin and bulb.

Construction in either carbon or Kevlar has been used depending on the client's venue. We have improved the longitudinal stiffness on the new ILC 40's with the majority utilizing advanced composite technology and resin systems.