Farr Yacht Design
Design #344 ILC 40

July 1995

Our third generation of ILC 40's have been refined and improved for "grand prix" ILC racing. This is the first year of premier ILC 40 competitions such as the 1995 Admiral's Cup and the ILC 40 Worlds.

At Farr Yacht Design, constant analysis and research are key elements for our winning designs. Continuous review of IMS rules and information gained from the vast number of successful boats we have previously designed are incorporated into each new high performance racer.

For 1995, seven new Farr ILC 40's have been built from 4 different designs, each targeted to a particular contest or clients needs. The new Farr ILC 40 family has been very impressive in early competitions with wins for PIGS IN SPACE in US regattas such as the Nantucket Gold IMS Regatta and Sesquicentennial Regatta, BRAVA Q8 in Kiel Week and ESMERALDA in the 50th Block Island Race Week

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Design 344 ESMERALDA