Farr Yacht Design


Design #360 43' IMS Cruiser/Racer

cruising requirements. This design has all the usual racing hardware on deck with the majority of the modifications occurring in the cockpit area. Since cruising comforts are more important, he installed two wheels in order to create a centerline walkway through the cockpit from the companionway to the open transom and swim platform.

The interior arrangement exceeds the minimum rule requirements as well and has been designed to accept additional panels in the sleeping compartments to allow them to convert from double berths to bunks. This makes the transition from a family cruiser to a well-crewed racer much easier and far less expensive.

Design 360 utilizes the same high performance, in line four spreader aluminum rig and sail plan with a standard "I" height spinnaker as the racer versions carry. With no draft restrictions, we were able to add a deeper, IMS optimized keel bulb in order to counter-balance the additional weight in the interior and deck. The rudder benefits from our ongoing in-house foil design development process, and our new generation of keel design has been refined with improvements made to the volume distributions of fin and bulb.

In essence, we have produced a yacht that exceeds the IMS cruiser/racer minimum rule requirements while still maintaining the same righting moment and displacement as our pure racing version. This provides the ability for owners with more cruising requirements to have a boat that doesn't sacrifice performance and, when racing, allows them to take advantage of the 1% to 2% cruiser/racer benefit. This is a niche of the market we believe more owners will take advantage of and an increasing trend among owners who want to extend the life and value of their racing boats.