Farr Yacht Design
Design #360 43' IMS Cruiser/Racer

December 1995

After watching the Farr designed IMS 43 FLASH GORDON 2 achieve much success on the racing circuit, Jim Farmer of New Zealand expressed interest in building an IMS Cruiser/Racer version that would not be appreciably slower than its pure racing equivalent, but have reasonable cruising comforts and facilities.

The IMS 43's hull shape was modified from previous designs as a result of ongoing IMS research and to be entered into the 1995-96 racing circuit. The drawings are for a one off custom construction made of Kevlar and E-glass with foam core sandwich which provides an inexpensive, high tech solution. Additionally, the internal structure and bulkheads meet the minimum panel weight requirements of the current IMS rule.

A new deck layout more than complies with current IMS cruiser/racer regulations and is actually more suited to this client's

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D. 360