Farr Yacht Design


Design #368 - ILC 46

improvements result in gains in strength and stiffness in many areas. Those improvements, combined with an overall weight reduction, should prove very beneficial when racing in windier conditions.

The deck layout is based on the layout of Design 326/I, CAPRICORNO. SWING, however, is slightly narrower, with a high sheer. Consequently, the cabinhouse is smaller and the deck is lighter in weight.

Interior arrangement modifications included the elimination of some of the equipment storage space. In general, the boat has a "rule-minimizing" interior in order to reduce the weight of the boat. The crew's sleeping arrangements below were customized for distance racing. This boat has athwartships sheeting as opposed to longitudinal, based on the belief that this makes the boat more flexible to sail in its intended racing venues.

The owner chose an aluminum rig as opposed to a carbon rig to suit the international version of the 1996 IMS Rule, which does not favor carbon rigs on boats which sail in light airs and relatively flat water. The increased sail area makes SWING ideal for sailing in those conditions, which are typical of the races in which Mr. Suzuki plans to compete.