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Design #368 - ILC 46

Design 368, the ILC 46 Racing Yacht, was designed for Mr. Sigeyuki Suzuki of Japan, in response to his request for a boat which would race well in the Mediterranean under the 1996 IMS Rules. The predecessors of Design 368, which include Design 326, BLUE YANKEE, and Design 326/I, CAPRICORNO, were designed to race superbly in moderate to strong winds (anywhere from 8 to 20 knots), whereas Mr. Suzuki's boat, named SWING, is designed to sail faster in light airs, while still remaining competitive in moderate to strong conditions.

In response to changes in the 1996 ILC 46 Rule, a new hull shape was developed for the ILC 46 Racing Yacht. This new hull shape promotes good all around performance. The keel, which represents a 2nd generation ILC 46 keel, has a slightly smaller bulb, giving improved volume distribution.

Carbon fibre was chosen for the construction of the hull, deck and internal structure. Design

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Design 368

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