Farr Yacht Design


Design #421M Farr 645

beautiful deck-saloon yacht which has been styled by Design Unlimited and will be built by BSI Marine, builders of the current range of Farr Pilot House yachts, at Lysekil, in Sweden.

Central to the concept of this yacht are twin interconnecting cockpits ­ one provided with all that's required for sailing the yacht, leaving the other uncluttered and free for entertaining and the enjoyment of the passage.

All the latest proven techniques have been employed to ensure relaxed, trouble-free sailing and all control systems, where possible, are concealed. A carbon fiber mast with aft-swept spreaders negates the need for runners and checkstays and, together with a ‘Park Avenue’ style boom, will complement the owner's choice of high technology sails to ensure most impressive passage times.

Welcome to the Farr 645.