Farr Yacht Design
Design #421M Farr 645

In 2000, a fleet of 65-foot yachts, designed by Farr Yacht Design, Ltd. raced around the world in the Millennium Challenge. During 11 months and over 30,000 miles, they encountered every extreme of sea and weather condition. In all cases these yachts performed predictably and safely, returning highly impressive performance figures again and again ­ a tribute to the skill of a world-renowned team of designers. They cut their teeth on yachts for the first Whitbread Round-the-World Race, and have been at the forefront of ocean-going yacht design ever since. They continue to dominate the world of blue-water racing with their current Volvo Ocean Race designs.

One year later, one of the Millennium Challenge yachts, Spirit of Diana, won the 2001 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers and broke the record for the fastest crossing.

Now Boat Sales International UK have utilized this remarkable hull design as the basis of a stunningly

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Design 421M Farr 645

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