Farr Yacht Design


Design #491 IMS 43

The study was conducted in part by analyzing a set of hull variations with the SPLASH free-surface CFD code by South Bay Simulations (see image below) to complement knowledge already contained in our existing VPP. To choose the best solution from many hull variations, we interpret the SPLASH results with our extensive experience and play them against our own VPP formulations.

At Farr Yacht Design we continuously improve the foil designs incorporated into the appendages. These boats will sport our latest foil designs produced in-house using advanced CFD tools. Reproducing the design foil shape is critical to the performance of the boat so the keel and rudder surfaces were machined using Pro/Engineer 3D models supplied directly to the builder.

The major victories of the 2001 season were split between overlapping and non-overlapping headsail rig configurations. The choice of rig configuration is dependent on the expected wind and sea conditions and level of flexibility desired. Design 491 will feature overlapping headsails to meet the owner’s requirements for the best performance over a wide range of wind speeds.

The most noticeable characteristic of the deck layout on Design 491 is the tiller (though a twin wheel option is available). The combination of high freeboard and low coachroof provide the best windage solution and working platform for this sized boat. Every detail of the deck and interior is designed to function efficiently using the least amount of weight while meeting the requirements of the IMS rule.