Farr Yacht Design
Design #491 IMS 43

Design 491 is an IMS 43 built by Cookson Boats and owned by long time Farr client George Andreadis and sailed on the Mediterranean IMS circuit. At 43’ LOA she will be one of the smallest boats in her class, a class that includes the IMS 50s and some new 45’ cruiser/racers, but promises to be fast enough to sail in front of the 45 footers. Design 491 will first compete at the IMS World Championships in Capri followed by the IMS European Championships in Punta Ala and the Copa del Rey in Palma.

The development leading to this design started with our successful earlier designs, CAM and the IMS 51 MASCALZONE LATINO (D. 488), continued with the extensive use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to explore wide-ranging hull concepts and resulted in a significant step forward in performance versus handicap. A study of hull forms was made possible through funding from both of this year’s new IMS design clients.

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D. 491

Deck  Interior  Sailplan