Farr Yacht Design


Design #492 Farr 36 OD

fractional carbon rig, swept back spreaders and no runners. Drawing 2.59 meters, with 10 meters on the waterline this boat is fast and stable upwind and a pure rocket downwind. It is also the first boat in its class to meet the new ORC/EEC mandatory liferaft storage rules for offshore racing.

One of the most interesting options on the boat has nothing to do with racing at all but everything to do with getting to them. The keel hydraulically retracts to meet a generally accepted 13.5' trailer height in most areas. Take off the rudder and it will even go lower. This is also good for those that moor in shallow areas, but take heed, this is for transport and mooring, not sailing.

Tooling for the design was machine milled at DK Composites in Malaysia who are also building the first hull. This will insure the strictest tolerances are met for fair class racing around the world. The first yacht is due in Annapolis, MD in November and will debut at Key West in January. James Betts Enterprises, Inc. in Nevada will be the US Manufacturer.