Farr Yacht Design
Design #492 Farr 36 OD

The mission statement from Farr International, Inc was for a strict one-design that combines high quality design and construction, superb performance, offshore capability, excellent transportability, with reasonable cost and without the influence of any handicap rule constraints.

What the innovators at Farr Yacht Design, Ltd. came up with is quite possibly the fastest fixed keel (while sailing) sport boat designed to date less than 40 feet! Farr Yacht Design spent over a year on this project with over 2000 hours of research and design work to make sure the design promised nothing less than pure adrenalin pumping fun.

This is a totally new and modern design from the designers at Farr. Built in Carbon and San foam it displaces just 3,059kgs, flies 89 square meters of sail upwind, and 220 square meters downwind on a retractable bowsprit with 7/8

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D. 492 Farr 36 OD

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