Farr Yacht Design


Design #495 Transpac 52

The FARR YACHT DESIGN Transpac 52 will displace the class minimum of 16,500 pounds.


The keel fin is designed with the minimum platform area that produces blazing upwind speeds without excessively high leeway angles. The bulb is an exquisite combination of deep VCG (Vertical Center of Gravity) and low drag that maximizes lifting efficiency.
FARR YACHT DESIGN, LTD has used our experience in Volvo, America’s Cup, and our most recent Open 60 to craft appendages second to none. Literally thousands of research and design hours have gone into our appendage programs for these types of yachts over the last 3 years. This is one of the areas where “Trickle Down” really does happen. The rudder incorporates our proprietary foil designs for solid handling in tight maneuvers while using the least amount of plan form area for a low drag solution.


Our deck and layout are simple and deck camber was designed to keep weight low and allow for ease of movement be crew. Basic geometry is designed to meet minimum IMS requirements per the TP52 rule with a minimal blister cabin house and long open cockpit

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