Farr Yacht Design


Design #495 Transpac 52

Other Deck Features:

  • Longitudinal jib tracks with purchase based forward and aft adjusters and in haulers.
  • Pedestal Driven primary winches and pedestal driven mainsheet winch on centerline.
  • 2:1 “Half German” style mainsheet let along the starboard side for mast jumping at starts and mark roundings.
  • Traveler purchase system lead below deck to mainsheet winch pod.
  • Vertical transom to minimize topmast backstay/mainsail overlap.
  • Backstay winches positioned forward in cockpit for easy trimmer adjustment
  • Clean uninterrupted side decks for sail stacking on long distance races and crew comfort around the buoys.


  • 7/8 Style fractional rig to TP52 rule maximum dimensions
  • 20 degree swept double spreader rig to TP 52 rule minimum weight
  • Forestay position relative to stem to suit “Code 0” furler space requirement
  • Forestay removable for gibing

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